Saturday, October 15, 2011

got it~~


hi guys...feeling gud today?? hope so...:)
me? i'm great..:)

dis morning when i'm on my way to go to work..
i got an idea about wat his talking before dis.. i understand why he did dat..:)
pity to me hah??so slow to pick up dat idea...
well..wat to do...

do you know this phrase "sell urself then u can sell ur things"
sumting like dat laa....hehe
now  understand why i cant compete with other..
coz i'm so introvert...
when u can expose urself to people out u go...:)
u can change the world around u...

i dont remember where i read about the phrase...
memory trouble...haha..

failure is a staircase to success!!
but i always hide myself when i cant do sumting~
my bad...
now i realize...
so many things to do in front of me...
n choose a right people to be around u coz all of them determine who u r.
n i'm so thanxful coz i met the right people to be around me but still myself..
clouded with problems...
i really want to be perfectionist~~~damn!! its haunting me n create chaos in my life
since i was a kid...
i tried to be my best
do my best
if my sibling do i dont want to repeat the same mistakes..
i avoid to take risk...
n so passive coz dont want to create any problems..
i've 9 siblings...can u imagine how hard i try to be my best??
i juz wanna be my best to my mom..
i'm the one dat she can tell how sad she is..
how mad she is if my siblings do wrong
n i'm the one who see the tears came out..
n i'm the one who did the housework if nobody cares about it..
i do it before my mom open her mouth annoyed ok...
when my mom n dad arguing...i was so afraid..i'm juz sit silently at my room n pray..
please stop arguing n worried about divorce..

so many things happen in my life~~
when i started my Uni life..
so hard..i cant make it..
from the first day i step in~~
until i finished my study~~
Luckily i can my finish my study..huhu
i got the Bachelor(Honour) in Biology but its means nothing..
i got nothing..huhu...

i feel useless when i saw my fren got a gud job...envy ok..
but its ok..its my fault..i'm not work hard enough to get the job

now its time to heal the wound....give some space for myself to do wrongs n learned...
i cant be a perfectionist!!
nobody's perfect!!
let the mistake be a learn from the mistakes...:)

i feel so relieved when i realize wat act happen to my life..
Thanx God~~

i do have time to change..

i wanna fall in love again...
with the right person
with the right time

n do my best to keep my promise to my mom

Pray for Me?? Can u??

Lots of Luv

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