Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivation Word - The Greatest Sales Person

i dunno how to describe...but this morning not so shining to me..
then i read this few times..and i smile..^_^
why i choose to be a sales person??
because the power of sales..
in this world is a matter of selling..
everyday around us..
we are selling...
is it??  am i correct???
then i take a pen..write down everything..
i make target sales for my business..
i got 3 business to handle..
and have to make sure all of them are make money..
so greedy ehh??
Mila Delight - my passion of cake
MaVellous -  a strong connection to make sure people are staying healthy..
Sophie Paris - my appearance must be beautiful, gorgeous, elegance & sophisticated!!!
all of them...^_^
one more thing..
i want to educate people here to have a business, at least...
not only 'makan gaji'
then u'll have an extra money to buy your own stuff..
u spend money then u gain money...
when the money is in and out consistently..
the economy start to grow...

owh i wish it will come true...

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  1. salam..hey nice blog! follow mine^_^



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